What is your SUP and SIP Adventure?

Do you like to SUP? (stand up paddle board for the uninitiated) Do you like the great outdoors with breathtaking views? Do you like majestic grand rivers? Do you like beer? Then this is for you! It's a paddle down the Lilloeet river to the Pemberton Beer Farmers. What you'll see is water, rocks, trees, farms, stupidly gorgeous mountains and the occaisonal wildlife. (bearded men don't count.) Included is a beer to get you hooked on the best brew around. Plan on this adventure taking half a day. You won't want to rush out of the brewery after paddling down the river. The tour is 199$ per person tax included!

DO you offer other tours?

Yes we do. We offer private tours, white water instruction and other fun on request. Think helicopters, remote lakes and other nifty ideas. Give us a call and we can personalize the best adventure for you!

Why would I pay you to take me? I can float down no problem.

Here's the thing. The Lilloet River is glacial fed, deep, unpredictable and full of debris. You need specialized boards and certified individuals who have swiftwater rescue training. Please do not do this in inner tubes, floaties, explorer rafts or your own SUP. It is dangerous. You put yourself at risk for entrapment, drowning, and hypothermia. There is no place for you to take out that is on public land until you reach Pemberton. Can you hang out in glacial waters in a bathing suit for over three hours? Same goes for the Ryan River. Please do not do it. Out of respect for the local farmers who work hard to maintain the dyke systems and their farm fields DO NOT TRESSPASS. You can be held liable to damage to crops and livestock. Also keep in mind the RCMP love to find people who are unsafe on the water and will charge you. We have existing partnerships, training and the correct equipment. Oh, and the beer? That's for after. Be safe kids.

What do I need to bring?

When you book you will be sent a list of things you should bring on your tour. If you need more info please email us!

DO i need previous experience?

Do i need previous experience? Having knowledge and basic SUP skill is an asset. These boards are wider than most flat water SUP boards and are more stable. When in doubt you can kneel or sit. Don’t worry our guides will give you the skill break down before you hit the water and will give you pointers as you go. Knowing how to swim is important. Rivers deserve respect since they are dangerous. If you feel really nervous we recommend just going straight for the beer and skip the paddling. No shame! It’s great beer.

Is there a height/weight/fitness restrictions?

Our equipment is rated for the following: Weight up to 230lbs, Height up to 6'5" if there is a concern please call. Fitness, this is for reasonably fit people. You don’t have to do marathons or eat your wheaties but you should be able to walk and stand without assistance, and be able to lift 30 lbs. If you get winded easily or have issues with balance this may not be the trip for you. If you have any questions or concerns please call us. Again, if you feel uncomfortable at all feel free to hangout at the brewery! Sometimes skipping the paddle and going straight for beer is what we all need.

Can I bring my kids or my dog?

Since there is beer, dogs can't come. They're underaged sadly. Although, they deserve all the beer. They are all good dogs. Oh, and the kids...they're underaged and can't come either. Sorry.

Can I cancel? What if I don't show up?

If it's dangerous (due to weather, river flow, dueling bears, dueling banjoes) and we have to call off the tour you will get a full refund. Our cancellation policy: you have up until 72 hours before your adventure to cancel or reschedule at no charge. You will not get a full refund for the following: No shows, last minute cancellations and anything covered in the question ' what do I have to do to get kicked off the tour?'

What do I have to do to get kicked off the tour?

Looking to ruin your day? Do the following: 1.Be a jerk. You ruin the tour for others, you will get booted. 2. Show up inebriated. If you look/act/are drunk, high or altered in anyway for the safety of everyone you will not be able to go. You will not get a refund. Please don't pregame. It's unsafe.

we didn't rent a car, is there a transportation service/taxi I can use?

We understand a lot of people will want to drink and not worry about driving. If you don't have a car at your disposal we do know a pretty neat company that can help you out. Approach Angle Shuttle! Check them out on our partners page!

Where are you located?

Our meeting place is at the Beer Farmers on 8324 Pemberton Meadows Road. Look for the Beaver Symbol on a sign for parking and our meet up. If you go past the brewery you've gone to far.

Can i bring my phone?

Yes, of course! Please remember to tag us on instagram! #mountainbeaveradventure and #supandsip Please keep in mind we are on a big river and we aren't responsible for lost stolen or damaged personal items.

i have a sick idea for a SUP tour for my bachelor/bachelorette/family reunion/wedding/funeral I'd like to do!

Cool! if you have ideas and want to arrange something cool send us an email or give us a call. we're always up for adventures!

Will I get wet?

Yes, yes you will. If you're a cat we can't recommend this trip at all.